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Super Indian Volume 1

Title: Super Indian Volume 1

Author: Arigon Starr

Illustrator: Arigon Starr

Publisher: Wacky Productions Unlimited

Publication Date: September 5, 2012

Hubert Logan was just a normal Reservation boy until he ate some commodity cheese contaminated with Rezium, a top secret government food enrichment additive. Given powers by the additive, he starts to live a double life as Super Indian, Reservation hero and crime fighter. With the help of his trusty sidekicks Mega Bear and Diogi, he battles the evil forces that would take over the Reservation.

This is a great comic! Educational and humorous. It has the superhero tropes that everyone is used to, but with a Native American spin. While Hubert Logan comes from the fictional Leaning Oak Tribe, the villains are the embodiment of real life social issues: the famous actor of dubious Native heritage, the PBS special’s favorite non-Native flute player, a robot who is commanded to change all the tribal members so they conform to the dominant culture. Even though the comic is full of social commentary, the topics are covered with humor and wit. There are some references that may be confusing, but Starr includes a glossary of terms to help explain some of them at the end of this collection of three stories. There are also great mini-biographies of real life “Super Indians” Maria Tallchief and Jim Thorpe in between the stories.

Even though this comic plays on the already established tropes of the superhero genre, it is different and refreshing as it gives the reader a completely different cultural backing. With talking dogs and over the top dialogue, this book will definitely appeal to a younger audience!

You can also find the webcomic here!

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